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Transform Your Body with the All-in-One Cupping Massage Therapy Device! 

Unveil the secret to a rejuvenated, slimmed-down physique with this groundbreaking tool designed to tackle cellulite, boost relaxation, and promote overall well-being.

Why Choose The Cupping Massage Therapy Device?

  • Versatile Massager: A game-changer for your body, combining the power of negative pressure cupping, scraping, and massage therapy into one compact device.
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to vitality as this device works to improve blood flow, clear meridians, and stimulate acupoints for unmatched relaxation and rejuvenation. The suction created by the cups will stimulate blood flow to the area being treated, which can aid in the healing process and promote cellular repair.
  • Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation: Experience immediate relief from muscle tension, pain and soreness, with added benefits of dispelling cold, dehumidification, and boosting your immune system. Can target areas like the back, neck, and shoulders. It enhances blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote cell repair.
  • Targeted Cellulite Reduction: Dive into deep tissue therapy that effectively targets cellulite, helping you achieve a smoother, more toned body silhouette by improving blood flow and removing toxins.
  • Customizable Treatment: With 12 levels of breathing pressure, red light heating, and negative pressure, the LCD Digital LED Display allows for personalized settings to match your comfort level.
  • Convenience at Its Best: Easy-to-use with one-key pressure relief, a 20-minute automatic timer for safe use, and USB charging (Type-C) for therapy on-the-go.
  • Relieving Stress: The therapy can have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and promoting relaxation, similar to the effects of a hand massage.
  • Detoxification: Helps to remove toxins from the body tissues and organs.
  • Skin Health: Cupping can also be used to treat skin issues like acne and eczema.
  • Respiratory Issues: It can also be used to help treat respiratory conditions by promoting lung health and enhancing the body's ability to rid itself of phlegm and congestion.

Packing List:

  • 1* Multifunctional Therapy Device
  • 2* Filter Cotton for Hygiene
  • 1* USB Charging Cable (Type-C) for hassle-free charging
  • 1* User Manual for easy operation

Special Features:

  • 12 levels of customization for the perfect balance between deep negative pressure and soothing breathing modes.
  • Intelligent detection for real-time adjustment, ensuring dynamic and effective cupping sessions.

The Perfect Gift: Looking for a thoughtful present? This sleek, lightweight, and professional cupping device makes an ideal gift for loved ones seeking a natural path to beauty and health.

Elevate your self-care regimen with the Cupping Massage Therapy Device. Embrace the art of ancient therapy modernized for today's wellness warriors. Say hello to a revitalized, slim, and beautifully toned body today! ❤️ 


Charge Will Last For 7 Days





Brand Name: QIUGUO
Packing size: 17.8*13.3*8.6cm


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